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    WedWednesdayAprApril19th2017 Habits of Grace_Intro to Spiritual Disciplines
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    In this session, Pastor Nathan gives an overview of spiritual disciplines and introduces all of the teachers, who give brief descriptions of their sessions. 

    Description and Schedule for this Series
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    SunSundayFebFebruary26th2017 A New Power for Work
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    WedWednesdayFebFebruary22nd2017 Rethinking Your Favorite Bible Verses
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    Ephesians 5:22  Audio wed22.mp3
    WedWednesdayJanJanuary11th2017 Simplify: Unclutter Your Soul
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    In this three-week study, bestselling author Bill Hybels shares his own story of the wake-up call that changed everything—and the steps he took to simplify his life before it was too late. You'll discover how to stop living at such a frenetic pace and begin charting a new course toward satisfaction, purpose, and significance. Join us to discover the power of simplicity in our schedules, work, finances, relationships, and souls. Audio Wednight.mp3
    WedWednesdayNovNovember16th2016 The Heart of Jesus...Parables of Fruitfulness
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    Our lives are most stable when established in God’s Word. The ultimate expression of his Word is the Living Word, Jesus. He gives us the most vibrant expression of God. God has also left us his Written Word, which has preserved the story of the Living Word with incredible validity and accuracy. So getting at the heart of the Jesus (the Living Word) through the written Word is the most important thing we do for our spiritual growth, alongside prayer.

    This is the last week of our five week series where we have unpacked Jesus’ teaching in parables. The parables must be interpreted differently than other genre of the scriptures. We will develop a method to help us hear Jesus’ teaching in the way that he originally intended it to land for his followers.
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