Doors in the Bible

Doors provide interesting spiritual metaphors in the Bible. We are invited through scripture to be alert to the spiritual passageways in our lives that are represented as doors. Some doors are symbolic of our attention to be sure that we only allow God's way to pass into our lives. Other doors are symbolic of new beginnings where we enter more fully into God's way. As passageways, doors allow in and they keep out. During Lent this year we will focus on key door images in the Bible.

God's Word on the Doorposts

Deuteronomy 6:1-9 - Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart

Sin Crouches at the Door

Genesis 4:1-6, James 4:7-8 - Rev. Dr. Chuck Davis

The Narrow Door

Luke 13:22-30, John 10:1-9 - Rev. Dr. Jacky Gatliff

Blood Marked Doorposts

Exodus 12:1-14, I Peter 1:17-19 -  Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart

Be Lifted Up Ancient Doors

Psalm 24, Luke 19:28-40 - Rev. Dr. Chuck Davis

Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock

John 20:1, Revelation 3:20 -  Rev. Dr. Chuck Davis