Skeptics in the Bible: Finding Faith in the Freedom of Questions

How can God allow suffering in the world?  Do miracles still happen?  Was Jesus really who he said he was, the Son of God?  These questions are not new.  In fact, they were all asked by people in the Bible.  When we ask hard questions, we join the company of people like King David, Sarah the wife of Abraham, and even John the Baptist.  God welcomes our skepticism and invites us to wrestle with him when we don't understand.  In this three-week series, we will find that there can be faith in the freedom of questions.

David: Where is God When it Hurts?

Psalms 13 - Rev. Dr. Chuck Davis

Sarah: Are Miracles Possible?

 Genesis 18:1-15 - Rev. Dr. Chuck Davis

John: Is Jesus Really the Son of God?

Matthew 11:1-7 - Rev. David Borden