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Bridging the Gap - How Builders, Boomers, GenX, and Millennials can come together in God's Kingdom

We’ve heard the stereotypes: Millennials are entitled, Baby-Boomers are selfish, GenX’ers are cynical, and the Greatest Generation is dying. But is this how God views the generations?  With this four-week series at Stanwich Church, experts will help us understand the dynamics that lead to stereotypes, and how the Church can reconcile what sin has divided as we work together for a common mission.

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This six-part series is designed to help people live by God’s grace through the practice of spiritual disciplines.  Each week, an experienced teacher will lead a practicum—a real activity or exercise—in one of several spiritual disciples.  Think of the sessions less like classroom lectures and more like time in the lab, in which we learn to apply the grace that we have been given to our daily life and faith.

Habits of Grace_Spiritual Discipline

This week we fortunate to have Rev. Steve Reedy.

Habits of Grace_Spiritual Discpline

Habits of Grace_QuietTime/Scripture Reading

This week we are fortunate to have Rev. Dr Heather Wright speak along with Bebbie Chickering.

Habits of Grace_QuietTime/Scripture Reading

Habits of Grace_Fasting

This week we have Rev. Dr. Chuck Davis teaching on fasting.

Habits of Grace_Intensifying the Prayer with Fasting

Habits of Grace_Confession

This week we have Dr. Ingrid Davis teaching on confession.

Habits of Grace_Confession

Confession Sheet

Habits of Grace_Intro to Spiritual Disciplines

In this session, Rev. Dr. Nathan gives an overview of spiritual disciplines and introduces all of the teachers,

who give brief descriptions of their sessions.

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