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Stanwich wants to ensure we stay connected with you during this unique time in our nation.  Please visit our website to find the online opportunities available.

Thank You Volunteers - Thank you to all the volunteers who have been reaching out to those in need. It's amazing to see our loving Church family serving the community. If you have any care needs or would like to volunteer to help, please contact Pastor Heather at

See You Sunday Online  You can watch online right here on our website or our Facebook Page. Click here to view on our website or click here for our Facebook page. You can also install the Boxcast app on your AppleTV, Roku, or Firestick; within the Boxcast app, search for Stanwich Church.

Replenishing Blood Supply - The American Red Cross is facing a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during this coronavirus outbreak. Healthy individuals are needed to donate now to help patients counting on lifesaving blood.  For more information and to find a drive near you, click here.

Discover Stanwich Session Join us on ZOOM Sunday, April 5 at noon, and learn more about Stanwich Church, our beliefs, our ministries, our vision.  You can sign up by clicking here. All details and a link for the class will be sent to you once your register!

Sunday Morning Children's Program - Parents, we are now able to give you access to more of the children's curriculum, including videos, activity sheets, plus a discussion and prayer guide. Click the link below, and you'll be asked to set up an account (Name, email address, and password), then you'll be able to see everything you need to have Kid's Church right in your home!

If you want more activities, you can download the Lifeway Kids app for free, then within the app, download the Gospel Project for Kids Volume 7. There is a free and paid (.99) version; this gives you access to some games, digital coloring pages, and the Bible story video.  Click Here

Meeting the Need for Food - With schools closed, children may not have access to breakfast and lunch usually provided there.  Also, agencies that normally only provide a few days’ food to clients are now trying to provide a 2-week supply, which is putting a strain on resources.  You can help by supporting two local food pantries through a virtual food drive: 
  • Neighbor to Neighbor (serving Greenwich) - to donate, click here.
  • Person to Person (serving Darien, Stamford, and Norwalk) - to donate, click here.
  • The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County - to donate, click here.
  • Inspirica Food Bank - to donate, click here.
  • New Covenant Center - to donate, click here.
In the last few weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our entire world. For most of us, this has affected every area of life, including the weekly rhythms of our church, whether that’s a small home group or a Sunday worship service. We believe in the local church. Our team at BibleProject wanted to create a resource that could serve families, small groups, and individuals during this unique time.

Every week, you’ll find one of our BibleProject videos, along with some suggested Scripture readings that focus on the ideas explored in the video. You’ll also see some suggested discussion questions for each Scripture reading that could be used for a group conversation or personal reflection. Feel free to use as much or as little as you'd like, we just wanted to provide some ways to generate Jesus-centered conversations at home.

This week’s video and Scripture readings focus on the story of God’s generosity in the Bible and what it might look like for us to continue that story in our world today.

Scripture Reading One: Luke 12:22-34
Creation is an expression of God’s generous love. Where do you see the generosity of God in the world, your life, or the story of the Bible? What are you most grateful for?
What are you anxious about in your present situation? Reflect on God’s love and care and how it might help alleviate your anxiety.

Scripture Reading Two: 1 Timothy 6:17-19
In times of crisis, a “scarcity mindset”—focusing on what you don’t have—can easily cause us to cling to worldly goods. Do you experience this? What would you and others around you gain by trusting God’s generous love instead?
This passage includes a special command to the rich to be generous. While we might not be rich in wealth, we have all been given gifts that we can share with others, whether our time, care, prayer, resources, etc. Reflect on what specifically you can share and with whom.

Scripture Reading Three: 2 Corinthians 8:1-9
In this passage, Paul says that becoming rich is found in Jesus. What does this mean? Is Paul talking about worldly wealth or something else?
The Macedonians are presented as a positive example of a group that joyfully gave in the midst of trial and poverty. As a group, they made a huge impact. How can the groups you’re part of do something meaningful in this time? 
Now is a great time to take advantage of your free access to RightNow Media. This is a Christian streaming service that offers over 18,000 discipleship videos for kids, youth and adults. You can sign up now on our website by clicking here.
We will be online Friday, April 10 for our Good Friday service! Join us for our contemplative service at noon (the hour of Jesus’ death), reflecting on his last words before dying on the cross.
Easter is just around the corner and we at Stanwich are excited to bring our service to you right in your home.  Join us at 10:45 am online!. You can find us on Facebook, Youtube, Stanwich website. install the Boxcast app on your AppleTV, Roku, or Firestick; within the Boxcast app, search for Stanwich Church.
Please continue to be faithful in your giving. If you typically give at church, consider giving online with the link here or send a text message to 845-958-1245 (the Stanwich Church account number) with an amount (preceded by a $ sign) in the message body. You will then be prompted through the steps to register and make a donation. Thank you for your continued faithfulness.